Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Natural Alternative to the Most Prescribed Hypertension Meds

Wouldn't it be great if you could get all of the benefits of a high
blood pressure medication without the damaging side effects? Well
you can if you just know what foods to eat and how to supplement
them with a few good choices. When it comes to managing blood
pressure it often is the combination of the food and lifestyle
choices you make each day that can be the difference between life
long dependency on medication or a life of good nutrition and

The intent of blood pressure medication prescribed by your doctor
is to quickly and continuously lower blood pressure readings for
both the systolic and diastolic readings - the top and bottom
numbers. Sometimes the problem lies with just one of those
readings - either as the heart beats or the pressure between beats
as the heart rests.

Blood pressure medication causes one of three main reactions. They
either increase the size of the blood vessel (vasodilator); flush
out the blood vessel of salt and water and create freer blood flow
with less volume (diuretic); or slow down the heart beat (beta

Top 3 High Blood Pressure Medications

1. Doxazosin (brand name Wytensin) is a vasodilator that relaxes
blood vessel walls. Its negative side effects include rapid
heartbeat and fluid retention, so often other medications must be
prescribed to counter act these side effects, which can raise blood
pressure. Also, this medication is associated with some
gastrointestinal problems and impotence.

2. Hydrochlorothiazide (under brand names Carozine, HydroDiuril or
Diaqua) is a potassium reserving diuretic. It is intended to hang
on to the potassium, an important mineral in lowering blood
pressure that can get dangerously low with diuretic usage. The
resulting side effects however are dizziness, muscle weakness and
especially cramping.

3. Acebutolo (brand name Sectral) is a beta blocker intended to
decrease the heart rate and blood flow. The side effects are a
lowering of the good cholesterol (HDL) and a rapid heart rate can
occur if the medication is suddenly stopped.

Get the Same Results without Drugs

To get the same benefits of the most commonly prescribed
medications without the negative side effects there are natural
alternatives. Diet is the number one way to increase the desirable
reactions, but exercise contributes greatly too.

For example, the same reaction caused by vasodilators can take
place when you get enough L-Arginine. This amino acid lets the
walls of the blood vessels relax. You can take a supplement or get
it through animal proteins, peanuts or soy.

By drinking plenty of water, at least 8 glasses each day, you can
accomplish the same diuretic effects of the prescription. You will
flush out excess salt and other toxins that can increase blood
pressure. You can keep your potassium levels in a good range by
eating fresh bananas and potatoes.

Finally, to get the same benefits of a slower heart rate and freer
flowing blood without lowering your good cholesterol you can keep
your heart strong with Hawthorne and through routine cardiovascular
exercise that will allow the heart to work more efficiently.


This article is based on the book, "The Silent Killer Exposed" by
Frank Mangano. Frank is an author, researcher and health advocate
who dedicates his life to finding solutions for people interested
in reducing their risk of health problems by improving their overall
quality of life naturally, without the use prescription medication.
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