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Hello Mr. Mangano:

I have been trying the techniques you offered in the Silent Killer for 1 week now. My bp went from an average 130/95 down to 118/78 (today and yesterday's reading) -- BELOW NORMAL !!!!!!! This is amazing.What triggered me to purchase the system was that my dr. just prescribed a blood pressure lowering medication. I stopped myself on the way to the pharmacy and decided to search on the internet system for something more natural, that didn't involve drugs. Your system seemed to be the best, so when I downloaded it and read the entire thing, I took notes and bought the proper groceries the following day and began my new lifestyle.

Thank you, Mr. Mangano, for knowledge that was so simple that the nurses should have taught every single middle school student that, let alone my own FAMILY DOCTOR! He didn't even ask me what I eat or don't eat... he was just too eager to hand out the prescription.

*Max Greenfield

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Review By UK Magazine Columnist Ananga Sivyer

Hi Frank,

“This self-published e-book is a well-researched and informative guide for anyone interested in lowering his or her blood pressure naturally. Frank Mangano went on a research quest to help his mother when she was diagnosed with high cholesterol. He learned a lot and learned it well. His down to earth writing style and wealth of ideas are presented in an easy to read common sense volume that would give hope and direction to anyone living with the silent condition that leads to a lifetime of taking unwelcome medication.”

Ananga Sivyer
Columnist for Lifescape Magazine UK

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Hi Frank,

I received your e-mail and would like to thank you for your valuable information in your book The Silent Killer Exposed.

Historically, my blood pressure has been 150/100 and most recently had escalated to 170/120. Consistently following your suggested vitamin/herbal program and changing my overall lifestyle to include diet and exercise, my blood pressure is 115/70 !

By successfully following your program, I was able to eliminate taking prescription medications with side effects.

Thank you !
D. Macur
Princeton, N.J.

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