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I truly appreciate your help and even taking the time to talk with me about my blood pressure. I have been using your information and I am very happy to report GOOD NEWS. After just 6 weeks, my BP is already down in the 120's over 80's, and even as low as 70's.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU, and you can use this testimony on your site if you want. I know that the nutrition information has definitely helped. GOD BLESS you and your efforts.

I will recommend your e-book if I run into people with BP. AND, I usually do.


Mark G. Ross

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My boyfriend ordered the manual "The Silent Killer Exposed" for me and I must say there is some of the best info in that manual that I have ever read.  I have already been using the supplements you suggest and have modified my diet as well as added daily exercise where before I was only exercising 3 times per week. 

And my bp is at a moderate level right now and I'm hoping over the course of the next couple of months it is going to move toward normal once again.  I took myself off bp meds slowly and when I was out I said I was not going to take them ever again and I have no intention of it now that I have the tools to keep my bp at a normal reading.

Thank you for the wonderful research and for making it possible for others to get off the medicine merry go round!

Betty Jo Whitehead

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Hi Frank,

I have improved considerably in the 3 months since I received "The Silent Killer Exposed". I think everything you advised had a lot to do with lowering the pressure .

I experienced a drop with the first 3 days of the hypnosis. then things slowed down . At the time of starting this my pressure was over 200/100. Today it is 160/80 and I have dropped 5 drug pills. I am still on 4 pills a day but I am cutting down slowly every week. I have been on several natural herbs all through this time and will continue. Thanks and I hope you help many more people like me.

Joe Maier

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