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“High blood pressure, stroke and heart attack (the big three) often create a dependence on prescription drugs that have many side effects - often impotency and depression.

The fact is that you don't ever have to say the words “before my stroke (or heart attack).” Instead you can substitute the words "before I knew how to prevent and reverse the big three" with the application of the knowledge in Frank Mangano's e-book, “The Silent Killer Exposed”. That's because he lists and explains the most effective nutritional supplements and their dosages that can prevent and reverse high blood pressure.

While being in the nutritional field for over 20 years, I've seen the emergence of a true desire for what people can do to improve their health. We're taking care of our health now more than ever, and with available and easily accessible information such as this, we give ourselves the chance to recover gracefully and in a wholesome, healthy fashion. This book is for men and women alike.”

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski
Chiropractic Physician,
Nutritionist/Master Herbalist

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Hi Frank,

I would like for you to know, that after reading your excellent book The Silent Killer, and putting in to practice the wise advice contained in the book my bp went down to 140/82 mm Hg in about forty five days.

Looking forward to lower it even further.

Thanks Frank.


Michael Tapias
Miami Fl

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Thanks for your e-manual on the silent killer which certainly helps me to reduce my blood pressure after applying most of what I've learned from the manual.

My blood pressure for the months of October to December was 160/90. My doctor wanted to put me on medication but I refused telling him that I wanted to try your method first. Last month the pressure was down to 130/90 and I believe it'll continue to go down lah!

Personally I would strongly recommend anyone to use your natural method instead of taking drugs. For years, I've been telling my students that a doctor can be defined as a legalized drug pusher?!

Thanks once again and I hope more & more people will use your method to become more healthy lah!

Satisfied customer,


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“If you are searching for a safe, drug-free way to lower your blood pressure, look no further - Frank Mangano's easy to follow solution is all you need.

"The Silent Killer Exposed" is thoroughly supported with solid medical research and leads you step by step on the path to vibrant health. Taking control of your health with Frank's save-your-life report will be the best health decision you could ever make - you have nothing to lose except your high blood pressure.”

Susan Millar
Author of The Dramatic Asthma Relief Report

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